Update Table on another server

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Subject: Update Table on another server
Posted by:  Ed
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010

I am trying to update data from one server to another server.
To run this query takes 20 seconds when trying to update one record.
Anyone have ideas on how I can improve/optimize the speed.
Currently using SQL Server 2005

I am running this query from Server1:

    Update [Server2].DB2.[dbo].Table2
        Set Title = Table1.Title
        from Table1
    Where ID = tp.PLU

Data Sample:
    Server1:DB1:Table1 (this file is small and contains information on which
records need updating)
            ID, Title
            40, 'New Title'

    Server2:DB2:Table2 (this file is larger (over 20K records))
            ID, Title
            20, Title1
            30, Title2
            40, Title3

thanks in advance.