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Subject: Index and statistics
Posted by:  simon (zupan.n…
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010

I have SQL2008 with auto update statistics and auto create statistics
and auto update statistics asynchronously  set to ON. This setting is
suggested for general case.
Anyway I have maintaince plan which rebiulds all indexes and
statistics with full table scan every night, when nobody uses the

Is this good practice or is some disantvantage with this behaviour?
I guess that index rebuild is not necessary(only if index is
defragmented), but if there is no damage than to be on save side I
would leave it to rebuild every night.

I noticed also that all indexes are created with
STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE  = OFF. I guess that this is by default.
Should I change it to ON?

What is the best practice with this?