3 tables left outer join

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Subject: 3 tables left outer join
Posted by:  iccsi (inun…@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011

I have 3 tables and would like to have all data exists on table 1 even
does not exist in table 2 and tbale 3 are there any way to have left
outer join for 3 tables or I have to use 2 quries to complete?

Your information is great appreciated,

Here is table example data:


MyKey, My Data
  1        MyData1
  2        MyData2
  3        MyData3
  4        MyData4

MyKey, My Data
  1        MyData5

MyKey, MyData
  2        MyData6

I would like to have a result which include all MyKey.
I tried to use one query, but I can not get all records.

Your help is great appreciated,