Moving a Database

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Subject: Moving a Database
Posted by:  Gene Wirchenko (gen…
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012

Dear SQLers:

    What is the proper way for moving a database from location to

    I put together a simple database, backed it up, and sent it to
the other location.  It will not restore.  (No, I was not told the
error message.)  My opposite number says that the database is supposed
to be unattached and attached, but he does not know all the ins and
outs either.

    How can I simply create a database and send it elsewhere, or
receive one from elsewhere and then have it get installed on the

    Scripts are not acceptable in this case as the databases will
eventually be operational databases, and we need to cover this.  For
debugging purposes, I may need to receive and install a full database.


Gene Wirchenko