Memory Stick Reliability Issue

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Subject: Memory Stick Reliability Issue
Posted by:  Gene Wirchenko (gen…
Date: Wed, 09 May 2012

Dear SQLers:

    I have two systems: an XP system which is my main system and a
Windows 7 system which is for development.  The latter is a
sacrificial goat which might get sacrificed yet and rebuilt.

    Microsoft makes it rather difficult to tell which versions of SQL
Server 2008 Express one needs.  They have many versions ranging from
just under 100 MB to just under 1 GB.  I have downloaded several
gigabytes of them.

    I download them to my XP system.  Anything that I want on my 7
system, I copy to a memory stick and from there to the 7 system.

    It does not always work!  I have gotten messages about corrupt
SQL Server installation files.  This does not happen often, and there
is not much corruption.  It is an occasional few (usually four) bytes
in a sector.  This behaviour seems to happen only with large files.

    From now on, I will be checking both copy results.  If you are
having any weirdness in your installs, this might be part of it.

    Between the above and installation programs that throw exceptions
or just plain die, SQL Server Express is a rather challenging program
to install.  Oh, I forgot about how my XP system got hosed a while
back by SSE installation and I had to have Windows reloaded.  That,


Gene Wirchenko