Re: VB6 - EnumGroupMembers with more than 1000 members

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Subject: Re: VB6 - EnumGroupMembers with more than 1000 members
Posted by:  Verne H. Bohlender (vern…
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008

Hi, I'm an 80 year old who still loves to get into programming but have been
away from VB a bit too long I think for I've hit a snag.

    I have a program I designed quite a few years back that I call
AddressBook in which I can keep about all anyone could ask for.  This I
added a means to make up passwords, see a calendar, or print an envelope.
This last is where I've forgotten what I must have done to do just this.  I
have commands across the top which gives one a place to click on Find,
Print, and a couple of others but for the likes of me I can't remember how I
got to put these there.  Clicking on the item under print takes me to the
place inside the code but how I put the headings there has me baffled.  I'll
lick it but not sure how.

    I'm hoping you read this as you are the first new person I've seen on
this group mail and boy things sure have changed to the worse over the last
few years because of these buggers who work on destroying others.  I'd like
to say hello too.




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