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Subject: RE: Need direction on troubleshooting speed issue
Posted by:  4X (…
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008

I appreciate everyone taking the time to give feedback.  I haven't lost
interest in this thread but my work schedule has prevented me from working on
this problem.  It takes me 7 to 10 days to prepare for payroll so that has
been preventing me from getting back to this problem.  I also support others
in this company with their technology so that also gets in the way.  The
workaround of using a clean partition allowed me to get back to work and make
up for the time I lost trying to figure out the problem.  The workaround is
inconvenient but at least I can work.

The program that I am identifying as the culprit is NOT running the same
time as my program.

I plan to:
- copy my working partition and install the problematic software to see if
it corrupts again,
- copy my corrupted partition and see if uninstalling programs allows it to
run fast again,
- narrow down my program to the offending line of call to the winapi as
opposed to the entry to the subroutine

But I won't be able to do this for another week.  Thanks again.

"4X" wrote:

> Hi,
> I need someone to point me in the direction to solve the problem below.
> I have an app I wrote in VB6 that uses the winapi to see text in another
> application and send keystrokes to it.
> I've been using this app happily for several years without modifications to
> the winapi calls since I first wrote it.
> This past week I installed a new software product required by my employer.
> Now the time my program takes to do winapi calls has increased from
> milliseconds to 2 or 3 seconds (the part that ENUMs windows and threads).  2
> weeks ago my program performed its task in 1 hour.  Now it takes almost 6
> hours.
> Other than getting a different computer, any ideas?


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