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Subject: User control
Posted by:  vlad.ivashevi…
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008

please, could you help me with the such deal:
i need to create User control(Windowless) with dynamically created
Edit box within it. Edit box must be created via calling
"CreateWindowEx" function. But i can't display it on my User control.
What i'm doing wrong?

'I call ity in UserControl_EnterFocus()

  pTextWnd = CreateWindowEx(0, "Edit", vbNullString, _
            WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, _
            10, 60, 140, 25, _
            UserControl.ContainerHwnd, 0, App.hInstance, 0&)

  ShowWindow pTextWnd, SW_SHOWNORMAL