TLB or not TLB

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Subject: TLB or not TLB
Posted by:  RB Smissaert (bartsmissae…
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008

Have a VBA and VB6 project with some 140 different Windows API calls plus
all the corresponding structures, constants and enums.
As it looks neat and as I understand there might be some performance gain
(on startup) I had a go at putting all
these API's in a typelib. For this I use the typelib editor from Matthew
Curland as this looks the simplest way.
Still, the whole undertaking is not that simple and I can see pro's and
con't and wonder if there is any general or
majority opinion amongst the users of this group as to if an API typelib is
worth the effort, compared to just using
Thanks for any insight in this.