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Subject: Re: determine invalid window process
Posted by:  MikeD (nobo…
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008

"X. Zhang" <XZha…> wrote in message news:49B8D775-E7CA-4EBF-BB34-C084161251…
>I encountered a strange problem. I have an VB6 Form application. Sometimes,
> for some reasons, say crashing, the application stays in the memory (can be
> seen in Processes list of Task Manager), but it cannot be activated, and
> cannot "Switch to" using Task Manager, even though the call FindWindow DOES
> return the window handle. (I call it ghost.) I'm able to kill the ghosts AND
> OTHERS from other application, but I do NOT want to kill the innocent (normal
> status, that is, window can be activated). So my question, how to determine
> the GHOST window application like this?

Perhaps should focus your attention on WHY your app crashes and fix it?

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