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Subject: send message to inactive window
Posted by:  nick (joh_ns…
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008

Hi everyone,

I am interested in sending messages to an inactive window. I know that
is possible, I tested it with notepad.
I was able to send WM_CHAR and "type" in the edit box of notepad while
was inactive.

Now, I want to do a similar thing using an applet interface instead of
notepad. The applet runs in Firefox. The main thing I want to
is to press a button. I was not able to obtain any identifier for
the button. When I used the spy++ from visual studio I could not
select independently the button. I could select only a larger area
that includes the button.

I sent the messages captured by spy++ to that larger area while
was inactive but nothing  happened. The button was not pressed.

So, is it possible to press a button while the window that contains
button is inactive? Is the code that processes the message run if the
window is inactive?