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Subject: Automate Any Email Client
Posted by:  atif (atif.aqe…
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008

I want to automate any email client running on Windows and save the
generated email in as Draft.

I was trying to use MAPI control with VB6 but when i save it gives

"Unspecified Failure has occured"

The case is same with COM MAPI objects
And one more thing is Send method works fine on my PC but it gives

"ActiveX Component can't create object"
on client machine, i have verified required files with Dependency
Walker, both machines are showing same result. The Client has
Microsoft Outlook as a default and i have Outlook Express as default.

However, my intention is

1- Automate any email client (without any dependency on email Server)
2- Save the message as Draft

Kindly suggest a solution to achieve this