Problems with AVI playback

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Subject: Problems with AVI playback
Posted by:  Simon Woods (simonjwoo…
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008


I am using some code which makes references to various AVI API calls and
  the AVIFILEINFO type.

I have a progress bar .gif which I have downloaded and am converting in
Camtasia studio (probably overkill) to an AVI file.

I have several AVIs which work fine (from the vbNet site).

When I view the file the progress bar, which plays fine in MediaPlayer,
is obviously not correct in that although there is animation, the images
which appear in the gif and the avi in mediat player are  "all over the
place" e.g. the start of the progress bar is actually in the middle of
the progress bar, it wraps round, there is a black horizontal line down
the middle of the bar.

I've not worked with AVIs before and am wondering what I should bve
looking at to correct the AVI. Camtasia gives me certain control over
the type of encoding and I am not trying to do anything whatsoever (True
Color, 10 fps, no audio, no compression.

I am not sure whether I need to do something with the AVI  or do other
stuff with the code which is animating it.

I hope I've given sufficient information.