Make vb6 app have UNICODE window text

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Subject: Make vb6 app have UNICODE window text
Posted by:  swtba…
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009

Hello to all,
I have written a code which allows vb6 programs to have UNICODE window
text. Here is how it works:

I do this by first subclassing the window with SetWindowLongW then in
my new window procedure I trap WM_GETTEXT and WM_SETTEXT then pass
them directly to default window procedure rather than passing it to
vb6's window procedure. My concern is that vb6's window procedure is
ANSI while my new window procedure is UNICODE. I pass all the other
messages to vb6's window procedure by calling CallWindowProcA.

MSDN says "Windows NT/2000/XP: The CallWindowProc function handles
Unicode-to-ANSI conversion. You cannot take advantage of this
conversion if you call the window procedure directly." So my code
should work fine right? Will it work in Vista as well? Does anyone
think this code might have any problem? I could upload a sample if
needed for anyone.