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Subject: Re: Make vb6 app have UNICODE window text
Posted by:  C Kevin Provance (BillMRapedMyShe…
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009

Go ahead and post your URL to where I can download it.  No TINY URLs please.
Half my network is Vista, so I'd glad to try it out for you.

- Kev

<swtba…> wrote in message
| Hello to all,
| I have written a code which allows vb6 programs to have UNICODE window
| text. Here is how it works:
| I do this by first subclassing the window with SetWindowLongW then in
| my new window procedure I trap WM_GETTEXT and WM_SETTEXT then pass
| them directly to default window procedure rather than passing it to
| vb6's window procedure. My concern is that vb6's window procedure is
| ANSI while my new window procedure is UNICODE. I pass all the other
| messages to vb6's window procedure by calling CallWindowProcA.
| MSDN says "Windows NT/2000/XP: The CallWindowProc function handles
| Unicode-to-ANSI conversion. You cannot take advantage of this
| conversion if you call the window procedure directly." So my code
| should work fine right? Will it work in Vista as well? Does anyone
| think this code might have any problem? I could upload a sample if
| needed for anyone.


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