SendInput vs SeendKeys

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Subject: SendInput vs SeendKeys
Posted by:  JonWayn
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010

I am trying to send keystrokes to a terminal window for navigation purposes.
I started out using SendKeys. It is a function I know is notorious for
hitting the wrong target. I recently started reading up on SendInput. While
it is nowhere close to being as social as SendKeys, I am wondering though if
it is more reliable. -------
Also, I need information on the usage of the xi array member of the
GENERALINPUT structure. By golly! couldnt they have given it a name that
indicates what it is about? Well, I know from the few examples that I have
seen that the first subscript of that array is used to hold the key that you
are sending. However, there are 23 subscripts to that array. What I wanted to
know is whether the 2nd and subsequent elements are intended for you to send
multiple keys with 1 call. If thats the case then great. Otherwise, it is a
rather tedious function to use for multiple keystrokes.

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