just upgraded from MSVS 2005 to MSVS 2012

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Subject: just upgraded from MSVS 2005 to MSVS 2012
Posted by:  Lynn McGuire (l…@winsim.com)
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015

I just upgraded us from MSVS 2005 to MSVS 2012.  The worst problem that I had was that we wrote our primary C++ code back in the dark
ages before std:: for the STL.  So, we were using "using namespace std;".  When I started compiling in MSVS 2012, I had a conflict
between our tuple methods and the std::tuple method.  So, I bit the bullet and put std:: in all of our STL objects.

BTW, I also looked at MSVS 2013 and ran into the fact that it only supports UNICODE and has dropped support for ASCII.  Since our
product started at Window 1.0, we never has made UNICODE a priority.  Looks like we will need to do that some day.  I suspect that we
will move to UTF-8, not UTF-16 as we cannot afford the double byte space for each character.