Click Once and SQL Server Express

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Subject: Click Once and SQL Server Express
Posted by:  Martin Surasky (MartinSuras…
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008

I created an application install using "Publish <app_name>" in Visual Studio
"Build" menu. The publishing wroked, but when I tried to install on a
different computer I was shown with the pre-requisites form prompting me to
install SQL Express (I was Expecting that, as I uninstalled it from that PC
to test exactly that).

After I Accepted the EULA an error appeared saying that "an error occurred
downloading a required file".

I have seen many posts about this but they usually are related to IIS
permissions for apps trying to install Report Viewer. My application is a win
forms app and my dependency is with SQL Express so I'm not sure if is related
to the same issue.