Setup Project "Send To" shorcuts don't work

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Subject: Setup Project "Send To" shorcuts don't work
Posted by:  Coder Joe (CoderJ…
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008

Using Visual Studio 2008 for a C# application

Adding a shortcut to an application (project output) in a setup project
doesn't seem to work in Windows XP. The Shotcut is created, however it runs
the application by
name in the directory, instead of setting the target to the fully-qualified

This prevents the shortcut from showing up in the Send To menu.

The created shortcut has the following properties:

Target: MyApplication
Start in: C:\Program Files\My Company\My Application\

It doesn't show up. Looking at shortcuts that do, the
Target property is set to the fully qualified name, ie:

Target: C:\Program Files\My Company\ My

Anyone know how to make this shortcut work or how to automatically create a
real shortcut after the install?