Publishing data from WinForms application to the web

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Subject: Publishing data from WinForms application to the web
Posted by:  BobRoyAce (br…
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008

I am using Visual Studio 2008 w/ VB.NET.

For the database, I am using SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 is
running on a dedicated server box.

I am creating a WinForms application for a client. It is run on any of
several employees' desktop PCs.

Now, they want to be able to "push" some of the data from the SQL
Server database up to a database on a website also SQL Server 2005).
This may be done automatically, through some code that runs on the
server, or may be initiated by the user. They will also want to be
able to "pull" data down from the website.

Basically, it would go something like this...

1) Some "event" occurs in WinForms system. For simplicity, let's say
that the "event" is that someone clicked on a button in the
2) A query is run to pull needed data.
3) Data pulled by the query is "packaged" into a form that can be
"pushed" up to the web server.
4) Code on the web server needs to run at some scheduled interval to
look for pushed data.
5) If found, "pushed" data needs to be pulled into the database on the
web server. This may include deleting or updating existing records, or
adding new ones, to any number of tables.

Pulling data down from the web server would be similar, but reversed.

I would appreciate any insights into a framework or pattern that can
be used to accomplish something like this.