VS2008 - Clean not working as expected?

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Subject: VS2008 - Clean not working as expected?
Posted by:  Gerry Hickman (gerry666uk@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008


I have a "Visual Studio 2005" folder tree with ten solutions and dozens
of projects (mainly C++) inside each solution.

I forgot to clean them before uninstalling VS2005, so I opened each
solution in VS2008, followed the upgrade wizard, and told it to "clean
solution", it said it cleaned all projects, but when I look at the
FileSystem folders they are full of junk files such as

"intellisense" *.ncb
"Program database" *.pdb
"incremental link" *.ilk

then in the release and debug folders there are still 'exe' files, 'obj'
files, 'pch' files and so on.

I seem to remember in the past, the clean command worked really well and
got rid of everything except the source code and project settings?

Gerry Hickman (London UK)