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Subject: Re: suggestions for synchronizing multiple websites?
Posted by:  nath…
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008

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javelin  <jmevalent…> wrote:
>We have a dev server, a testing server, and a live server. Now, we
>have 3 developers, and we are having trouble tracking which files on
>which server are the latest. I know it should be obvious, but this
>is a bit complicated, as many of you may have experienced.

  What you want is version control, sometimes previously called
source control. Version control has a central database of all files,
and revisions on those files. You can then submit changes from any
machine, and then you can fetch latest from any other machine.

  People have had the same needs as you for quite some time, so
there's a whole bunch of products that do this. One of the better open
source projects to do this is Subversion, available from , is used by many projects (open and
closed source). If you have a higher budget, Perforce, available from , is what I've used at work, and recommend
highly. It's got a *ton* of features, as well as a 2-user, unlimited
time, demo available.

  Also, if someone tries to sell you Microsoft's version control,
called Microsoft SourceSafe, *throw it away*. It's one of the bigger
pieces of junk out there, and completely not worth it. I can't
believe that MS uses such a thing internally -- their 'dogfooding'

Nathan Mates

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