[2005 Team System] Unit Tests work, but not properly, no code coverage etc.

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Subject: [2005 Team System] Unit Tests work, but not properly, no code coverage etc.
Posted by:  Oolis Kraprin (Oolis.Krapr…@googlemail.com)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008

Hi, we have a fairly large solution c# solution a lot of dlls and a
few exes too, and we have written a unit test for one of the exes,
mainly to evaluate what we shall do with unit tests in the future.

The unit test works. I can select the project and run the test in the
toolbar either with or without the debugger. Code coverage used to
work, but now it doesn't. It just says Code coverage is not enabled
for this test run.

If I double click on TestRunConfig.testrunconfig, I can see that the
project for the exe under test is in fact checked in the code coverage
section, everything else in the window is default.

These are some other things I have noticed: If i right click on either
the solution, the Unit Test project or the project under test and
select Run Unit Tests, I always get No tests found in project.

In the test menu at the top, the Select Active and Edit Test Run
Configuration items both have No Test Run Configurations Available.

I also have a <solution name>.vsmdi file in the solution and if I try
and use the Load Metadata File menu item and load it I get a error
message: Metadata files that belong to projects can not be edited, if
you wish to use this metadatafile, please import it into the solution.

I am not sure what I have to do to import it into the solution.

If I click ok on that error message I get another error message that
it could not be read and it didnt have the expected format and a
StorageNotAccessibleException occurred. The file looks normal as far
as i can tell and basically references the testrunconfig.testrunconfig

Somehow I think these files merely exist and are not actually properly
integrated into the solution or the right projects.

Anyone know how this can be fixed, or these files perhaps regenerated
(without having to recreate the unit test project)

Also I seem to find more references to nunit rather than than the team
system unit testing, which one is "better"?

Thanks a lot.