Changing References based on compile configuration

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Subject: Changing References based on compile configuration
Posted by:  Alex (samal…
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008


We have a development shop of about 4 programmers, and our current
project is using VS 2005.  My question, is it possible to change the
References based on the Compile configuration? Example, we can change
where the DLL's are compiled to, but how can the Reference location
change so we can tell the app where to pull the DLL's from?

For example, if we compile to c:\development\dlls for Debug and a UNC
network path for Release, I want all our projects to pull referenced
DLLs from c:\development\dlls when in Debug mode and the UNC Path if
in Release mode.  This way we can run the application completely
locally or from the DLL's on the server as needed.

Or does anyone else have a solution to make this work?  It seems if
one programmer is testing something and compiles with a bug, it'll
throw off all other coders who are writing code based on that DLL.
Also if someone has the application running for testing, the DLL's are
locked so building isn't even possible.

Just trying to find some simple way for each developer to run the
project wholely on his/her workstation as needed as to not interfere
with others work while testing.

Thanks --