Refreshing or re-runnung paint event on a form

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Subject: Refreshing or re-runnung paint event on a form
Posted by:  Al@n (..@l)
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008


I hope this is the correct forum for the issue below.

I am extremely new to using and visual studio(2003 version at the
moment) and am trying to teach myself. I have a problem with my first
project which I cannot resolve using the books I'm reading. Please can
anyone help.

I have 3 forms, fclsMain1(parent), fclsMount(child1) and fclsHole(child2)
on fclsMount, i have a number of combo boxes from which I take dimensions to
draw 2 rectangles on fclsHole.

I am trying to get the rectangles to re-draw based on the textchange event
of the comboboxes.

Is there a way to invoke the "paint event" on fclsHole from the "text
change" event of a combo cmbMountHeight on fclsMount?

I would appreciate and be thankful for any guidance that is forthcoming