how to import directory hierarchy into VS2008

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Subject: how to import directory hierarchy into VS2008
Posted by:  PMac (PM…
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008

i have a hierarchy of 40 directories with 1000 html and img files. i would
like to use vs2008 to edit them ... but i can't figure out how to create a
project and get all the files visible in their original hierarchy.

i tried dragging the top directory into the project (as link), and vs
flattened the list of files so there was a huge unstructured list. not useful

i can fake it using "filters" by manually creating the hierarchy (ultra
tedious) and adding files from each folder to each "filtered" node, but that
is really bad because the names are explicit so any files added to the
filesystem are not visible until they are explicitly added. i did try this
partially, and it has the additional problem that "view in browser" is broken
- it only seems to map the node of the file being viewed. that means images
linked to peer directories all fail.

is this just not possible in VS2008?

at some point i did have this working fine in one of the older VS express
tools, but even there i forget how i created the "project" from existing
files on disk; it was not intuitive.

any tips