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Subject: WIN XP Pro KN
Posted by:  schneider (eschneider@community.nospam)
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008

Anyone tried this junk yet?

I have tried 2 clean installs of this and it will not register. I even tried
the phone activation number.
After it registered, it went back to the logon.

Also the intial register with the install fails.

Here what it does now:
1. Logon
2. Now every time I logon it wants to regester.
3. Say it's already registered.
4. Goes back to step 1.

I'm using the key from my MSDN. Why do I need a key?

The only reason I'm doing this is because POS  Vista is such a pain in the
ass to use, networking is a nightmare. Figure I would have better luck
remote debugging from XP to XP. Do I need to go to WIN2000?

There should be a set-up scripts for the typical types of users, here is
some sample menu options:
1. I'm windows user, just keep it working.
2. I'm a developer, in a not so secure enviroment, and am aware of it.
3. I'm super anal security freak.