Windows form not saving newly added controls

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Subject: Windows form not saving newly added controls
Posted by:  Kevin Marshall (k…
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008


I am seeing a very irritating problem with VS.NET 2008 with regards to
inserting new controls on a windows form after the project has been run in
debug mode.

When I first open a form in the designer I can add controls and all is well,
But after running the project in debug mode while the form is still open in
the designer I can still add new controls and see them in the designer but
they don't appear when re-running the project, if I then close and re-open
the form I find the controls I added after debugging are not there.

I have to close and open forms after debugging in order to successfully add
new controls to the form, although I can edit properties of existing
controls without losing my changes.

Is this a known bug? Anybody know if there is a solution?

Thanks in advance

Kevin Marshall