Running developers as standard users in Vista with UAC enabled

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Subject: Running developers as standard users in Vista with UAC enabled
Posted by:  Jeff Killberg (JeffKillbe…
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008

I am at a loss as to where to post this question, so I'll start here.

I have been given the task of researching Vista and UAC and the feasibility
of running developers in an enterprise as standard users (not admins) without
an additional set of administrator credentials to elevate to. In other words,
if they get blocked by anything in UAC they would not have the ability to
elevate themselves. Need to change something in HKLM? Nope. Wanna edit an ini
file under \Windows? Nope. Etc.

My definition of developers would include developers coding for Windows
using a tool like Visual Studio, as well as developers coding web apps using
a mix of tools such as VS, eclipse, Rational Software Architect, etc. These
developers will also have to deal with things like installation scripts,
configuration of software installations, etc.

Research I have found thus far has determined that this will be problematic
as you cannot (easily) define all of the 'exceptions' that a developer might
need to deal with on a regular basis and configure around these exceptions
such that the developer doesn't need to elevate. I would agree with this

Anyone else have experience/examples in dealing with this? I am trying to
gather enough information/evidence to make a solid decision either way, and
would be curious as to other's findings.

Thanks in advance,