Bizarre broken Visual Studio 2005 Issue

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Subject: Bizarre broken Visual Studio 2005 Issue
Posted by:  Robert Ellis (robe_2k5.n0sp…
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008

PC with VS2005 and VS2008 side-by-side

Everything working normally yesterday; no subsequent installs of any
additional software or SP's since then.

Create a new Visual Basic Windows Application project in VS2005
and start debug by clicking play button and this is what happens:

Startup form does not show;  instead, an empty, design-time Properties
dialog box appears, very briefly, and then project exits, all within 1
second or so.

Exactly the same thing happens whether you start with a new Windows
Application project, or load an existing Project, so this would not appear
to be a project-specific problem,  but rather a VS2005 problem

I would really, really, really rather not have to do a complete

If anyone has any ideas?