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Subject: Silverlight 2
Posted by:  Sathyaish (sathyai…
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008

I read a few tutorials on Silverlight, some bit of the documentation,
watched all the Silverlight videos on and read
their two lessons on it, too. Then, I picked up two books on the

I am going through the first one (Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed,
APress). All the documentation I've read so far suggests the same
thing, i.e. the components required for creating a silverlight app:

a) two js files, namely silverlight.js (not to be modified) and
createSilverlight.js (which HAS to be modified, can be renamed, too.
This is where you call the createobject or createobjectex function
with the name of the XAML file and the reference to the div container
that hosts Silverlight and the properties of the div)

b) a XAML file that defines the UI

c) an HTML or any other web page (PHP, ASPX, etc.) that contains the

I tried an example on my own in notepad and it worked.

Then, I downloaded:

a) VS 2008 90 day trial
b) VS 2008 SP1
c) Silverlight
d) Silverlight Preparation Tool
e) Silverlight Tools for VS 2008 SP1
f) Silverlight SDK

I opened up VS 2008 and created a new Silverlight Project. Surprise,

a) That project doesn't have ANY js files
b) It has a designer but it doesn't work, i.e. I can't drag and drop
controls into the XAML file or in the designer. I have to code the
XAML by hand, which is fine because I can, I learnt it all in the last
two days, but what is the designer for?
c) the root element of the XAML is not <Canvas> as I'd read and
expected, but is <UserControl> which contains a <Grid> element by
default. WTF?

I am so bummed, how do I continue to practice. All that I've been
reading has been invalidated. They're changing things so rapidly.

Is there a guide that is the most current that I can follow along with
my practice in VS 2008?

The book (Apress one) also says I can contain my silverlight app in a
XAML control within my ASP.NET web app. I created a webapp and looked
for a XAML control in the toolbox. There's none. There IS infact a
silverlight control that I can't for the life of me figure what to do
with after dropping it on the ASP.NET Webforms designer.