porting 32bit .Net app to 64 bit applications

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Subject: porting 32bit .Net app to 64 bit applications
Posted by:  viren.chaudhary20…@gmail.com
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008


I have just few questions. We are thinking of porting our 32 bit
application to 64 bit as we need to use more memory usage and want to
take advantage of 64 bit processor. Currently my applications which
has lot of webservices also is compiled in Visual studio 2003
using .net 1.1 To convert to 64 bit, i will be using visual studio
2005  and compile it in x64 platform. I have following questions

1. Do i have to build the application in 64 bit machine before
deploying it to 64 bit windows 2003 servers(which is our prod

2. I have lot of third party Com object which i used it in our
application. We did created a wrapper over it using tlbimp.exe and
refering .Net wrapper in our projects. The question is underlying com
dlls are still 32 bit. will it work when we use it in 64 bit
application? do i have to create a wrapper again  and if i have to,
has it to be don using tlbimp.exe 64 bit version? Because if i just
compile my application in 64 bit platform fin 32 bit machine and then
deploy to 64 bit servers, i do get error loading those com objects. As
of now we don't have 64 bit version of those dependent com dlls.Does
it mean we cannot port our app to 64 bit?

Any kind of help or articles regarding this would be of great help.