Invalid handle exceptions always thrown by VS2008

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Subject: Invalid handle exceptions always thrown by VS2008
Posted by:  Ken Hill (kenneth_hi…
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008


I have ported a VS.NET (2002) MFC app to VS2008.  I have had too much
trouble getting the app to run in debug mode on a WinXP platform.
Everything runs OK from the release build.  This application was
originally developed using VC6 and migrated to VS.NET.  It has stood
the test of time (10+ yrs) and several Microsoft platform changes.

I am always getting "invalid handle" exceptions thrown at various
places in the framework core (e.g. appcore.cpp).  I have tried turning
off the "invalid handle" exception from the VS menu but they still are
thrown anyway.  This problem has rendered the debugger useless until I
can get it resolved.

Does anyone know how to work around this?