Error messages from custom tool

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Subject: Error messages from custom tool
Posted by:  brplumm…
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008

I've developed a pre-compiler tool that produces C/C++ code.  This pre-
compiler takes an input file that can be added to a Visual Studio C/C+
+ project.  Then the user of this tool would define a Custom Build
Step to invoke my pre-compiler and produce the C/C++ output.

When my pre-compiler encounters error conditions in it's input file, I
display an error message with as much detail as possible about the
cause of the error and it's location (file and line number).  At
present this information is displayed in the "Output Window" of Visual
Studio and it does not allow the user to "click to the location of the
error".  I would like to allow this...and I don't know how to
accomplish this level of integration with Visual Studio.

So, I want to be able produce error messages from my compiler that:

1.  Allow the user to click the error and have Visual Studio take the
user to this location, and
2.  Outputs "full-fledged" Visual Studio errors and warnings that show
up in the Visual Studio "Error List" and are also "clickable"...

My major problem is that I don't know to even articulate a "search
string" on MSDN that would take me to information that even seems
remotely related to what I want to accomplish...

So, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could direct me to
information that would help me figure this out.

Thanks in advance.