Which DataGridViewRow?

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Subject: Which DataGridViewRow?
Posted by:  Ed White (ewhite@newsgroups.nospam)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008

I have a DataGridView ("DGV") bound to a DataSet, and the columns in the DGV
can be sorted.  When a column in the DGV is sorted, the row numbers in the
DGV no longer match the row numbers in the DataSet.  After the DGV has been
sorted, how can I find the corresponding row number in the DataSet for a
given row number in the DGV, and vice-versa?

For example, before sorting, both the DGV and the DataSet contain "ABC" in
row 0.  Suppose after sorting the DGV, "ABC" is now in DGV row 8 (it will
still be in row 0 of the DataSet).  Now what I want is to ask, for row 0 of
the DataSet (which contains "ABC"), which is the corresponding row in the DGV
that contains "ABC" (the answer provided should be 8), or conversely, for row
8 of the DGV which I can see contains "ABC", what is the corresponding row in
the DataSet (answer should be 0).  How can I get the corresponding row