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Subject: DataGrid
Posted by:  JimHeavey (JimHeav…
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009

I'm using VS 2005.  I am trying to follow and example on MS website and it
calls for adding a "DataGrid" to a windows form, but I find no such control
when I open up and view the ToolBox.  When I select "Choose Tool Box Items",
I can see that the control is selected, but I can not find it anywhere in the
"folders" in the toolbox.  I know that this control was effectively replaced
with the DataGridView, but the example calls for using the "TableStyles"
property of the control and the DataGridView apparently does not have this

If the control is somewhere buried in the ToolBox, How can I find the
control so that I can drag it onto my form?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!!