F1: How to sample a binary?

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Subject: F1: How to sample a binary?
Posted by:  Thorsten Tarrach (thorsten@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009


I'm trying to to profile an F# binary, as F# projects are not supported
apparently, using the Visual Studio Perf Wizard (F1). Anyway the binary is
just another .net binary, so this should be no problem. The sampling works,
but the results are hardly useful. The sampling is not limited to the
binary, but also includes all the .net libraries. This causes my application
to have almost no exclusive samples, as most samples are in the framework
libraries somewhere. This leaves me just with the inclusive samples which do
not tell me how much time this function alone took.

How can I limit sampling to my binary and make it count samples in any of
the libraries as part of the function calling them?

Thanks, Thorsten