how to set a graphic in background

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Subject: how to set a graphic in background
Posted by:  jrl (jrl@nospam.nospam)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009

I have a style sheet I'm editing, and I'm trying to add a repeating image to
the background using CSS. I went to the screen.css page where I set the site
defaults, and I have a style section like this:

    background-color: #26371C;

The above works fine, giving my pages a uniform background color. And now I
wanted to use a repeating background image. I created a graphic square, and
saved it as a jpg file, which has been inserted into the visual studio
solution explorer hierarchy.

Now when I edit the style sheet, and I have selected .page, I go to the
style properties. Now I want to set the background-image field, and I can't.

If I click on the browse button, nothing happens. The pull down in this
field allows for none or inherit. I tried just pasting in the name of the
background image file, (background.jpg) but this doesn't work either.

    background-image: background;

How do I go about setting a repeating image? What am I doing wrong, or is
this a bug?