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Subject: Re: VS2008 not responding for a long time when add existing web si
Posted by:  dotAge (dotA…
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009

The web site is just a small sample (<1M).
I mean that the dialog Add Existing Web Site had to wait a long time (about
ten minutes) before show up. When it showed up, the adding operation is no
Yes, I have a very huge folder holding a large amount of sample codes (27
thousand files and more that 6 thousand subfolders), but wherever my project
is, the problem always arises.
I noticed that is no problem if I selected Local IIS web site on the dialog
at last time, but when I click the File System, the problem arise again.
I think the File System function of the dialog should be used like a normal
FolderBrowserDialog control, there is no need for the Visual Studio takes a
long time to build a complete folder tree in memory before show the dialog.

"PvdG42" wrote:

> "dotAge" <dotA…> wrote in message
> news:B1444066-4D09-49EF-BD92-FD48B08979…
> > Every time I want to add a existing web site, my Visual Studio always not
> > responding for a long time, and the CPU almost 100%. Even though the "Add
> > Existing Web Site" dialog window was loaded at last, and the web site
> > could
> > be added to solution, I'd like to know what caused that, and how to
> > resolve
> > it?
> >
> > System Information:
> >
> > Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
> > Version 9.0.30729.1 SP
> > Microsoft .NET Framework
> > Version 3.5 SP1
> >
> Where was the existing web site stored relative to the project to which you
> added it? Were both on local drives, or was a network involved? How big
> (storage-wise) was the web site you were adding? What do you mean by "a long
> time"?
> I'm asking because in trying to replicate your problem, I just added a small
> (<30 MB) web site to an existing project, both stored locally, and there was
> no delay and no CPU usage spike.



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