Fix for slow Visual Studio

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Subject: Fix for slow Visual Studio
Posted by:  Brett Edman (BrettEdm…
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009


I manage a Windows Server 2008 server that is being used for software
development with Visual Studio 2008.  This server is in an isolated LAN
environment and does not have aceess to the Internet.  Developers, myself
included, were experiencing hangs and delays using VS 2008.  Sometimes, the
VS design window would even say, "Not Responding."

I had everyone launch internet explorer on that server and uncheck
EVERYTHING in the Lan Settings area with regards to proxy configuration.
This seems to have solved our problem.  We do have a proxy server in this
environment, but it does no allow unfettered access to the Internet.  I
believe VS constantly tries to get to Microsoft if it believes it has a path

My 2 cents.