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Subject: Request for Rcommendations
Posted by:  ute (u…
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Good morning all,

I need some advise and I hope I have come to the right group to get some
good recommendations.
We have several Access applications written in VBA that write to Excel
files. Most of the appliations run every night as scheduled tasks on a
Windows-XP system. That requires that the applications run under a user
account and the user must be logged in or the application will not run. Since
we change passwords every few weeks, we frequently have problems due to
expired or changed passwords, i.e. the applications will not run if the
user's password has expired or was changed but the scheduled task was not
updated to reflect the new password. So we are considering porting these
applications to a new environment, but we are not sure what we should port
them to.

I know nothing of Office development, but I do now Visual Studio .NET and
have done a lot of ASP .NET development and some Windows .NET development. I
would like to port the applications to C#, and use SQL Server for a the DBMS.
Most important however is to get away from having to run the application
under a user account as  scheduled task, so we don't have to worry about
expired or updated passwords anymore. If there is a way to run the
applications as a service that would be great, but it is not a requirement.

The requirments are as follows:
The applications must run nightly without the need for a user account or at
least without the need for a specific user being logged in.
The output must be in Excell.
The database must be SQL Server2005 or Access but SQLServer2005 is the
The programming language shold be C# but VB .NET is also acceptable.

So what do you recommend?
Should I turn the applications into Office applications using Access or
SQLServer 2005?
Would it be better to turn them into Windows applications using .NET and
How about turning them into SSRS reports that output to Excel?

IF you had to make a recommendation for this port, what you recommend?

Thanks for all replies already. I look forward to reading lots of suggestions.