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Subject: Re: Convert VB6 to .NET
Posted by:  PvdG42 (pv…
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009

"John Denver" <> wrote in message
> Hello
> I've got a small program written in VB6 and I need to convert it to .NET
> My first thought was to convert it to Vb.NET then over to C#.  I thought
> it would be more straight forward to convert VB6 to VB.NET then to C#
> versus trying to convert to VB6 straight to C#
> Anyway, my question is what's the best way, or how toconvert VB6 to .NET ?
> Thanks

This may well be overly simplistic, but have you tried opening a copy of
your project in Visual Studio 2008 and seeing what the conversion wizard
tells you?
You're almost certainly going to be told that some of your code must be
manually rewritten, but as it's a small program, that may help you learn
more about VB.NET vs. classic VB.

I'm not aware of other automated tools for VB -> VB.NET, but that doesn't
mean there aren't any.
There are several tools to convert VB.NET to C#. A quick search using your
favorite search engine should turn them up.



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