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Subject: DataSet Error
Posted by:  Ammar S. Mitoori (AmmarSMitoo…
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009

i created a class library to make a Data Layer, i created a component and
added a DataAdapter to it "daPerson" which have the connection "connPerson"
and i used the query builder to connect the DataAdapter to the Person table,
hen i generated a dataSet "dsPerson" , and to retrive data i created the
function below

  Public Function getPerson() As dsPerson
        Dim myDsPerson As New dsPerson
        Return daPerson.Fill(myDsPerson)
    End Function

but when i build the solution i get the following error

Error      1      Value of type 'Integer' cannot be converted to
'DataLayer.dsPerson'.      C:\Users\Ammar S. Mitoori\Documents\Visual Studio
2008\Projects\Al-Taybat Software Models\DataLayer\sqlConnect.vb      17
16      DataLayer

so what im doing wrong ?