layout side effect

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Subject: layout side effect
Posted by:  jrl (jrl@nospam.nospam)
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009


I had a web page that used a master page to define a table with three
columns and three rows. On the second row, the first column is 60 pixels and
holds a sitemap tree for navigation. The next two colums hold the page
content. The web page worked normally at this point, and I could dynamically
change the browser window size, and the content would reflow automatically.
However, as soon as I introduced two graphic items in this content section,
the content section would no longer reflow.

There are two graphics, each is set to be 25 percent  (of its original size)
and under the style section, I set the layout to be floating left for one,
and right for the second image. Now the images do resize and allign left and
right (as intended) but the content does not resize automatically.
Therefore, if I make the browser window smaller, the right graphic and text
are hidden.

How do I correct this, so that the window content will respond when I resize
the browser window?