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Subject: cannot start projects
Posted by:  SpaceMarine (spacemari…
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009


im experiencing a weird problem on one of my dev machines, but not the
other (they both access the same projects via VSS). on the problematic
machine, any attempts to start a web project (in either debug or
without) debugging fail. an error pops up:

  Configuration system failed to initialize

...i can click OK and thats it, no site runs.

ive tried with a brand new fresh project. ive also tried in VS.NET
2005, same error. 2005 *used* to work fine -- until i installed .NET
3.5 SP1 and VS.NET 2008. i had a lot of trouble but finally got them
working (.NET 3.0 SP1 was having problems...finally used the .NET
Cleanup Tool to fix it).

ive been googling this all day. for a lot of people this problem is in
webservices or non-web apps. the probem is also related to their
Settings (right-click the web project, Properties -> Settings). there
you can add configuration settings. well, im not even using a settings
file. and creating one doesnt fix the problem.

im out of options! hate to reformat.... anybody seen this?