Different text encoding standards of the deployed SQL files

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Subject: Different text encoding standards of the deployed SQL files
Posted by:  Farhan (Farhan@nospam.nospam)
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009

Hi All:

I have a question on available text encoding standards (UTF-8, UTF-8 without
BOM, UTF-16, and so on) that VSTS 2005/2008 Database GDR and non-GDR
editions support while generating the SQL files for deployment or integrating
CA’s ERwin Data Modeler (database modeling tool). I believe VSTS supports
ANSI/MBCS encoding when generating the SQL files from both GDR and non-GDR
editions, but I don’t see anywhere to set that.

Is there a way to control/change the encoding format from one type to another?

Using Korean XP and VSTS 2008 non-GDR edition, if I import a SQL script in
ANSI/SBCS format, delete some views, and then generate that out for
deployment or to CA’s ERwin Data Modeler, the SQL generated appears to be in
UTF-8 format without BOM. I would prefer that the script be in ANSI/(SBCS or
MBCS) format (like the one I imported) or at a minimum be in some format
besides UTF-8 without BOM that is more widely supported on Windows (eg.
UTF-16 (UCS-2), UTF-8 with BOM). What are my options?

Thanking you in anticipation of an expedite answer.