Need help creating an install package

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Subject: Need help creating an install package
Posted by:  Retired
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010

I have a simple VB application written in Visual Studio 2008. I need clear
instructions on how to create an install package so I can install the program
on another computer. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding a simple
example. Following what little I was able to find on the web, I managed to
create an installer that does, in fact, install the application. However, it
does not create any entries accessible from the start menu. In order to run
the program I have to browse to the folder under "Program Files" and create a
shortcut manually. It would be nice if the properties page for the installer
had a little more information (the text that is displayed at the bottom of
the property page when you select a given property) such as "what you type in
this field is used to create the company name portion of "c:\Program
Files\Company Name\Program Name". In any case, can someone point me to a
place that provides this information for someone who has 35 years of
programming experience but none with creating deploymant packages?