build fails with vsdraCOM setting

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Subject: build fails with vsdraCOM setting
Posted by:  Kyle Key (KyleK…
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006

I have C# object that contains an interface and a class that implements that
interface. Both the interface and the class are decorated with the
ComVisible(true) attribute.
I am trying to create a setup package using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition
for Software Developers.  I have tried adding the dll containing the class
above by selecting "Project Output....", "File....", and "Assembly....".
Also, I have tried creating the msi package by having the setup project in
the same solution and a separate solution as the C# component.
Now, to the problem. When I set the Register property to vsdraCOM the build
always fails. The error message is:
Error    1    Unable to build assembly named 'CSComObj.dll', HRESULT ==
'0x80070002'    C:\Documents and Settings\kwkey\My Documents\Visual Studio
2005\Projects\CSComObj\CSComObjInstall\CSComObjInstall.vdproj    CSComObjInstall

I have tried this with several components and always get the same results.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Kyle Key