VS 2005 Installation Errors

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Subject: VS 2005 Installation Errors
Posted by:  Grant (Gra…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006

I cannot install VS 2005, and hope that I can get some help rather than
having to re-install my OS (Win XP, SP2, all patches up to date).  Various
MSDN and google seraches have been unhelpful.

I am trying to install VS 2005 Professional edition.  When I run the setup
from the root folder, I get the following error:

"Setup was unable to find the Baseline data."

I run the setp from the "Setup" folder - and get further - by being able to
accept the user agreement, and the installation type.  However, where it is
supposed to list what is being installed, the list is empty.  It has bullet
items, but there is no text.

The setup runs for a while, and then errors out.

I never has any beta version on this machine, although I do run VS 2003.

I have cleared out the %temp% folder, and run in selective start up using MS

Interestingly, the event log says that VS 2005 was installed - while clearly
it isn't.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

I will past the event log, and the error log in another post (too long).