installed applications not recognized

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Subject: installed applications not recognized
Posted by:  thatsdavetoyou (thatsdavetoy…
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006

I can not get a fully-installed copy of visual studio 2003 to recognize
project files.

I'm trying to perform maintenance on a csharp project, but when I try
opening the
*.csproj file on my fresh & complete install of visualstudio, I get the
following error:

"the application for the project <projectFilePath> is not installed.  Make
sure the application for the project type (.csproj) is installed."

In "help" > "about" > "installed products", I see
- Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 69461-270-000007-18710
- Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET AAP50-GS00000-UN7000RN
- Microsoft Application Center Test
- Rational ClearCase 2003.06.10+
- Visual Studio Analyzer

Yes, the product is FULLY installed.  I even reran the setup disks and do
not thave the option to add any other components or applications.

Can someone help get me up and running?